Karhan LucianousCo-owner:
Aeon Studios
Eorzean Dream Festival
The Wet Spot
Discord: Karhan#0001
Instagram: karhan.xiv
Twitter: KLucianous
Private Bookings - Limited AvailablityBase Fee - 500K
Solo Posing - 750K (3-5 poses)
Couples - 1M (3-5 poses)
Group 3+ - 500K/person
NSFW - Add. 1M Flat Fee

Full Name: Karhan Lucianous
Race: Hyur - Midlander
Age: 32
Relationship Status: ??
Training/Skills: Martial arts with education in medical science, and theoretical cosmology.
Occupation: Photographer, Historian/Anthropologist (archaeological expeditions)
Origin story: Karhan was raised by working class merchants always on the go. His parents did their best educating him from an early age but he often wandered the various marketplaces and shipping ports picking up random lessons from anyone willing to entertain a young Hyur.
Over time he exceeded the academic capacity of his home and took time off studying martial arts from a mysterious tutor. It wasn't until this late teens that he began a more formal education at the Studium, thanks to a rather sizeable donation from an anonymous source. In doing so, he began studying abroad, pursing an education in a variety of subjects ranging from theoretical aetherial cosmology, to more traditional historical archives and archaeology.
This advanced education in combination with his street smart upbringing as a child, led him on many adventures. Most of which began as seemingly innocent historical pilgrimages, many of which ended empty handed, or escaping bandits. Nonetheless he's seen a wide variety of cultures and experiences, from theaters and art, to taverns and fight clubs...